Your original artwork is just a few simple steps away

Don't worry I'm with you every step of the way. Promise it's not that hard. And if there's something you don't know the answer to that's ok, we will figure it out together.

1. Pricing Structure Overview
2. Framing Options Overview
3. Decision Time
4. Upload Images
5. Gift Recipient, if applicable

I do recommend getting together images that you would like to submit for this artwork. Images are key to showing me how someone looks. And I can take your favorite memory pic and turn it into a piece of art. It's okay to do Step 4 at a later time if you don't have all your images together yet. Just don't forget to come back and do it!


Step 1: Pricing Structure Review

Primary Art

$ 600
  • 1 Feature Character (person/pet)
  • Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Print
  • Hidden Frame
  • Artwork Also Printed on the Sides
  • Named, Signed & Dated
  • Inspirational Quote Included, if desired
  • Name Included, if desired
  • Gallery Quality Printing — will not yellow over time.
  • Ready to Hang — no framing or mounting needed. This is very lightweight and easy to hang.
  • Bumpers Provided — to help prevent wall scuffing.
  • Free Shipping in Continental USA

Additional Character(s)

$ 100
  • Add Additional Person(s) and/or Pet(s) to Your Art
  • Name Included, if desired

Vintage Window Frame

$ 200
  • Upgrade Your Art Piece to a Vintage Window Frame. Note: Each frame is unique and kept in it's "perfectly" imperfect aged condition.
  • Printed on vinyl foam core for mounting behind window frame. This is NOT gallery-wrapped canvas printed due to nature of the frame mounting.
  • Gallery Quality Printing – will not yellow over time.
  • Ready to Hang — no framing or mounting needed. Note: This is heavy and should be hung with care. Two heavy-duty hardware pieces provided, each holds up to 300lbs.
  • Note: This option does require additional shipping fees due to the weight and bulk of the frame. Once frame is chosen, you will be notified of the shipping costs.

Step 2: Framing Options Review

Hanging Detail
Bumper Wall Protector Detail
Named, Signed & Dated Detail
Detail of Artwork Edge Printing
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Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

Includes hidden frame — this industry standard is a clean, modern look that works well with most interior design styles. Artwork is wrapped on all sides and wooden frame is hidden behind. Mounting hardware is included and installed. You just need to hang.

Vintage Window Frame

Upgrade to a unique framing option. I love the contradiction of a vintage item paired with modern, pop art. This “perfectly” imperfect frame is cleaned and kept in its aged condition. Each frame is almost as unique as your art piece is. Mounting hardware is included and installed. You just need to hang.

Close-Up of Art Piece
Vertical Art Piece in Foyer
Edging Detail of Foamcore mounting
Hanging Detail of Heavy-Duty hangers
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Step 3: Let me know what you'd like…

Collage of different images, theme shot

Step 4: Add your images

Now here is where I need your help. Please upload any images here that you would like for me to consider as inspiration for your artwork. Options are great! I need clear images of each person/pet you’d like to feature. Providing too many is better than not enough. You never know what may inspire me and what I may do with a picture. 🙃

Need to upload more than 4 images? Feel free to come back and submit again as needed before your artwork has started.

Step 5: Gift Recipient, optional if applicable

Is this a gift for someone else?

If so, I just have a few more questions for you. If not and you have completed Steps 1-4 above, then you are done and your order is processing.

Woo Hoo!
You really are the best!!!

Now just a couple more questions. I want to make sure I get everything right for you.